Mystic Egg Will Bring You Multiple Orgasms!

As a modern woman who deserves pleasure and stress-relieving orgasms, we have something for you! We know what women like in the sack, and that is why we present you the Mystic Egg! Maybe this will be your first time to try an egg sex toy of this kind, but you will not regret it! This alien sex toy comes in several colors – pink, green and purple. It glows in the dark and it is made of silicone. Its overall length is 5.25 inches, and the insertable length is 4.5 inches. The fantasy sex toy called Mystic Egg has the widest insertable diameter of 2.3 inches! It sounds good, you have to admit! Every woman will have multiple Os a day with this delicious, fabulous, sensational alien dildo! You know you like it, and we have the perfect Mystic Egg waiting for you here!

The Mystic Egg Dildo

Let’s face it – you will never have sex with an alien! But it must be something amazing to try! We do not want to stick to the same old acts – we are craving something new, wild, exotic! So, this alien dildo can give you what you need! This is the most exotic fantasy sex toy you can find! It is simple, but effective, and every woman is pleased with it. Other sex shops do not have an alien sex toy as cool as this one! It is a shame because we deserve to have exotic tools like that! Expand your horizons and broaden your mind! Reach for the moon!

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